Frida Me

Frida Me, performance by Aziz Bekkaoui.
Opening of the exhibition “Intense Mexico”
Cobra Museum of Modern Art

With Intense Mexico the Cobra Museum of Modern Art presents an exuberant exhibition, bringing 46 works of art from the collection of the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City to the Netherlands for the first time. A considerable number of these belong to the national heritage of this large, colourful and diverse country, which is just as large as Western Europe.


Lady Cobra

Lady Cobra, performance by Aziz Bekkaoui.
Cobra Museum of Modern Art

With the festive throwing of the sleeves of a specially designed painter’s coat by artist / designer Aziz Bekkaoui, Minister van Engelshoven opened the exhibition New Nuances, female artists in and around Cobra.

For the opening of the New Nuances exhibition, Aziz Bekkaoui had all women, who attended the opening of the exhibition, dressed in a painting jacket specially designed for this exhibition. The moment Minister van Engelshoven declared the exhibition open, all women threw the sleeves of their clothing in the air synchronously. They were then allowed to visit the exhibition while the men present had to wait together in a confined space. “Sometimes you have to help emancipation with a strong creative hand. Today the women are in the spotlight” said Aziz Bekkaoui.
photo: Matthijs Immink

Koningsdag 2019 – Amersfoort

Koningsdag 2019
De Koninklijke Familie bezoekt Amersfoort en start de Koningsroute om 11:00 uur bij “Wij Allemaal”.
Een levende collage van 132 nationaliteiten – ontworpen en vormgegeven – door Aziz Bekkaoui in opdracht van Arteganza.
Dit alles in het kader van het thema “Wij, Allemaal, Verbonden in Vrijheid.
Foto: o.a. : Robin Utrecht

Interview with NOS news about Karl Lagerfeld

Interview with NOS news with Aziz Bekkaoui  about Karl Lagerfeld and the performance of Aziz Bekkaoui with the title: ‘Transforming to Karl Lagerfeld’.

Het leven is een Jurk – NPO3

Zet het alvast in je (mode) agenda. Woensdag 21 november 2018 om 21:15 op NPO3:
‘Het leven is een Jurk’.
Aziz Bekkaoui ontwerpt een jurk voor actrice Ilse Warringa en dit leidt tot mooie verhalen en momenten. Ph: Aryan Jauregui

Curator Exhibition Museum Kaap Skil

Curator Fashion Show and Exhibition – Texel Dress Catwalk – at Museum Kaap Skil, Texel

Aziz Bekkaoui was asked by Museum Kaap Skil as curator of the Fashion Show and Exhibition – Texel Dress Catwalk –
He was involved in the choice of the designs to be shown and also took care of the choreography and styling of the fashion show. Aziz Bekkaoui is the curator of the exhibition , with can be visited until November 4 in Museum Kaap Skil


LXRY Magazine

On the cover of LXRY magazine and interview.

Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Biënnale Oosterhout

The ‘1st Biennial Art in the Holy Triangle’ – 150 works of 25 artists was in St. Catharindal, Our Lady of Abdij and Saint Paul Abbey in Oosterhout.
The theme of the 1st Biennial Art in the Sacred Triangle was Love.

The Biënnale was opened at Sint-Catharinadal Monastery with an impressive performance by designer / artist Aziz Bekkaoui,  who also was one of the 25 artist.

photo: Ruud Spaargaren



Everyman, a collaboration of Aziz Bekkaoui with artist Berend Strik.
Berend Strik and Aziz Bekkaoui worked together on Everyman for several weeks in an open studio – called the Working-Shop – in a vacant store at the Hoog Catharijne mall. During non-binding visit, brainstorming sessions, lectures, performances, exhibitions and workshops in which the public were invited to think about “the people of the future” together with the artists. Using themes such as transport, shopping, food and housing, Strik, Bekkaoui and the visitors explored how we can all account for the earth we live on and the future challenges of overpopulation, migration flows, climate change and scarcity. The end result and studies were incorporated into the opera”Every(wo)man” with soprano Nora Fischer, actrice Cheryl Moenen and musicians. Therefor the Working-Shop converted into a theater hall.

Marina Abramovic

Collaboration with Marina Abramovic for the performance “Entering the Other Side” at Guggenheim Museum, New York.
Design huge blue dress by Aziz Bekkaoui.

Marina Abramovic wore a huge blue dress with stripes in different blue colors during the whole performance and was on stage placed at the center of the Guggenheim Museum.