Art -

Times Square Burka

the Netherlands

With Times Square Burka Aziz Bekkaoui confronts the viewer with prejudices and ideals of beauty by using everyday codes, logo’s, symbols and stereotypes from the advertising world.In today’s politically correct attitude of “the headscarf should be banned” and the “burqa is about oppression”, the uniformity of silicone breasts, botox lips and dyed hair determine the prevailing beauty ideal. In the culture of the free West: ‘I’m loving it “(McDonalds),” Because I’m Worth it “- (L’Oreal) and’ Just Do it” – (Nike), a Burka does not fit, unless the advertising world would realize the commercial value of the burka. Times Square Burka is a series of glossy billboards in a burka clad woman who is posing her own lifestyle, on the basis of world famous commercials.