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Sleeping with your Neighbours

Sleeping with your neighbours, is an event with theatre, visual art, dance, music, fashion, design, and performed with the inhabitants of two districts in Rotterdan, Kralingen and Crooswijk. Two neighbourhoods that form a district together, yet different from each other since the beginning of time.

Aziz Bekkaoui reaches different parts of the community – rich/poor, highly/poorly educated, Dutch/non-Dutch – by focussing on that one thing where all people are alike: Their sleep. A person who is asleep is vulnerable and therefor open to renewal. The sleep modus allows us to be more relaxed around each other, without the hindrance of our daily pre-judgements, code of conduct and clothing. In our sleepwear, we are more human and are not held apart as distinctly. Our daily harnesses and uniforms, full of meaning, symbolics and discrimination attributes disappear.

Sleeping with your neighbours is a ritual to actually bring neighbours together, in a more intimate and personal way.

Sleeping with your Neighbors, was an interactive evening with all kinds of performances.
80 beds were placed in the theatre instead of the theatre chairs people used to sit on.