Art -

Lonsdale Burka

Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

With Lonsdale Burka, Aziz Bekkaoui explores dress codes, media attention and political manipulation.

What happens when the uniforms of two extreme groups are mixed into a new kind of uniform? Is the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts? Does one extreme thought strengthen the other, because of the integration of the uniforms? Or do they weaken each other? Or does an explosion of extreme energy occur?

Why is the burka, an extreme uniform, worn by less than twenty women in the Netherlands, frontpage news and reason for heated discussions in the House of Commons? And why is the Lonsdale outfit, an extreme outfit of over twenty five hundred Dutch adolescents hardly spoken about in the media, despite alarming survey reports? Is one uniform more dangerous than the other? How effective are dress code bans? What makes one more media friendly than the other?