Lady Cobra

Lady Cobra, performance by Aziz Bekkaoui.
Cobra Museum of Modern Art

With the festive throwing of the sleeves of a specially designed painter’s coat by artist / designer Aziz Bekkaoui, Minister van Engelshoven opened the exhibition New Nuances, female artists in and around Cobra.

For the opening of the New Nuances exhibition, Aziz Bekkaoui had all women, who attended the opening of the exhibition, dressed in a painting jacket specially designed for this exhibition. The moment Minister van Engelshoven declared the exhibition open, all women threw the sleeves of their clothing in the air synchronously. They were then allowed to visit the exhibition while the men present had to wait together in a confined space. “Sometimes you have to help emancipation with a strong creative hand. Today the women are in the spotlight” said Aziz Bekkaoui.
photo: Matthijs Immink